Self defense is no longer an option.



The Shim Shin-Do® System is known as The 1st American Martial Arts in History. It is a more modernized practical style to defend oneself in a realistic situation, which is a system of Self-Defense.

“Founder of the First American Martial Arts in History”

Let's look at the meaning of Shim Shin – Do:

  • Shim Shin = Spirit, Mind, Body
  • Do = the Art, Path, Way, or Concepts.

What has set this system apart from other systems is that ALL self-defense techniques are based on natural movements of the human body. For example: if you have ever swum backwards this represents our outer blocking technique; kicking a soccer ball mirrors the front leg front kick thereby never hyper extending your joints. This in turn comes from the openings that your opponent leaves open or gives you or that you create by redirecting and/or striking them. Our philosophy emphasizes the ability to adapt and response should be automatic "REACT WITHOUT THINKING". 

The ability to: move in and out, side to side, always moving.  By doing this you are able to see and create the openings that your opponent has. The philosophies of Shim Shin-Do® go much deeper. 

Shim Shin-Do® is based on 3 "SOFT" elements: 

  • Water - the ability to adapt
  • Circular - continuous free-flowing motions
  • Harmony - to blend the spirit of mind and body

Shim Shin-Do® System adds 3 "HARD" elements:    

  • Straight Line - to strike or stop the attack with a foot or hand
  • Angles - moving inside or outside of your opponent
  • Distance - setting the distance from your opponent by way of angles

This system is an art that balances hard & soft, linear & circular, acceptance & resistance that will always use the elements in a ratio of 2 to 1.

2 hard elements & 1 soft element
- or -
2 soft elements & 1 hard element

What will you learn from Shim Shin-Do®

  • You will learn to respond with easy to learn techniques
  • You will learn at your own pace
  • You will be shown a variety of techniques that will best work for you

From this system you will receive a foundation and, as new techniques are added, you will pick and choose to build upon 

  • Footwork & Evasive Movements, Blocking & Redirecting Techniques
  • Striking & Kicking techniques, Locking & Sweep & Throws, Ground & Pound & Escapes
  • Armed Attack Defenses
  • All based on the use of your own motor skills

Mental Benefits of Shim Shin-Do®

  • Concentration
  • Listening
  • Obedience (Children)
  • Self-Respect
  • Motivation
  • Discipline
  • Focus
  • Indomitable Spirit
  • Stress Management
  • Balance
  • Confidence
  • Persistence
  • Goal Achievement
  • Alertness
  • Leadership
  • And much more. . .